Clean penetration?!

Since 1996, American research centers have published what they call the “clean penetration” strategy, which states that the colonial powers, the Western countries and the Israeli occupation entity, must radically change their approach and their way of confrontation with events.

These countries are no longer required to use armies to wage war to achieve their objectives.

Rather, they must search within the target communities for elements that already believe in the West and support their objectives for their many reasons and to feed these elements to fight the battles they wish to fight on behalf of those countries from within the target communities without having to use a single soldier or having to shed blood of their own.

Two decades after the issuance of this strategy, according to writer ButhainaShaaban, we note the application in many countries and on different continents, besides we see the results achieved by this strategy since it was crystallized and turned into a plan of action ,and moved from being the product of evil thinkers to the offices of decision-makers in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense of countries whose colonial policies are based on oppression ,aggression , looting the wealth of peoples and threatening their security, sovereignty and stability.

The deep state of the colonial powers, i.e. the intelligence community, seeks to recruit elements in any country they want to subjugate in their favor, develop methods and money, and create the media that will enable them to achieve their objectives.

Thus, traditional borders are transferred to targeted countries and societiesand methods of control vary so that the cost is much lower…

The actual implementation of this strategy began with the emergence of colored revolutions and what they called “the Arab Spring”.

The writer believes that the first step in the face of this strategy must start from fortifying the inside which can only be fortified by education and media.

Efforts must be directed to the education of young people and to the curricula that include the latest enemies’ findings of theories and methods of work and put corresponding theories to it in the curricula of education so that the young of the country can develop clear ideas and principles that are impeccable, and thus it becomes so hard for the enemies to  “Clean penetrate” them.



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