What does the School of Life Teach us?

  • The one who chases two birdswill lose them both.

  • The one who runs away from work, comfort willrun away from him.

  • The one who gives a quick response will give a wrong answer.

  • Your thoughts are yours, but your words are for others.

  • You should not say all what you know, but you should know all what you say…

  • Good reputation is like olive tree; it does not grow fast, but lives long

  • The arrogant person is likethe one who stands on the top of a mountain;he sees people small and they also see him small.

  • Beginnings are always the most difficult moments, but also the most beautiful ones.

  • There are people you meetin life;you miss some of them, and you feel happy for being separated from others.

  • No matter how much you forgive people for the mistakes they made to you, they will never forgive you for the mistakes you made to them

  • Everything has an end because everything has a beginning.

  • Your secret is yours; never tell anyone of it no matter whatasit is your secret!!

  • We are still learning…


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