Daily Archives: Sunday February 17th, 2019

The Entry of Humanitarian Aids Convoy to Deir Ezzor

A humanitarian relief convoy, carrying relief materials for refugees, on Friday entered Hajin region in Deir Ezzor countryside through al-Salhiya corridor, after being blocked for several times by the US forces and US-linked militia of Qasad. The convoy entered the city in cooperation between the Syrian government, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and the Russian Coordination Center.

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Trump withdraws from Syria on “Cesar’s” chair

In the scene of the American withdrawal from Syria, the issuance of the penal code «Caesar» on the Syrians is not strange, especially that Trump, and after announcing the intention to leave Syria, was faced with a storm of criticism which began from his deep state i.e. intelligence services, and haven’t’ finished yet by his allies and first of them ...

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US Intelligence: President Bashar Assad will regain Control over all Syrian Territory in 2019

US national intelligence director Dan Coats confirmed that the Syrian government will restore the rest of the territory remaining under the control of the opposition in 2019. In his speech before the senate intelligence committee of the US congress, Coats presented his report on “threats assessment in the world” in which he indicated that the Syrian forces “defeated the opposition ...

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