US Intelligence: President Bashar Assad will regain Control over all Syrian Territory in 2019

US national intelligence director Dan Coats confirmed that the Syrian government will restore the rest of the territory remaining under the control of the opposition in 2019.

In his speech before the senate intelligence committee of the US congress, Coats presented his report on “threats assessment in the world” in which he indicated that the Syrian forces “defeated the opposition to a great extent, and currently seeking to regain control over the entire territory of the state”.

Coats stated that the Syrian authorities will try mainly to restore the territory currently under the control of the opposition in Idlib and the east of the country, in addition to reconstruction along with strengthening its diplomatic connections with other countries.

Coats believes that the “groups of opposition” that depend on the continuous support of Turkey, will not be probably able to face the military operations of the Syrian army to regain control over Idlib.

He pointed out that the Syrian state will probably concentrate its efforts more on regaining control over the areas currently controlled by the Kurds.

said he added, “it seems that Damascus will try to take advantage of any gap in the security sector and the pressure exercised by Turkey on the Kurds to conclude a profitable deal with them and, in line with working towards limiting the presence and influence of Turkey in Syria by regaining control over the northwest territory of the country currently occupied by Turkey.

On another hand, Coats stressed that “Russia and Iran will try to strengthen their positions in Syria”, stating that the two countries will work to “secure their rights by post-war deals to reconstruct the destroyed infrastructure and industry in Syria in exchange of permanent military and economic support”.



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