The American-Zionism and the Steadfast Syria

No sane person would oppose the fact that Washington and its fellow “Israel’ have suffered a massive failure in all their bets in Syria.

During the eight years of this global conspiracy on this resistant and reluctant Arab country, they could not achieve any of the goals set by the Americans and Israelis.

Accordingly, the writer Zuhair Andraus believes that Syrian and its allies have achieved victory in the battlefield, and that Russia’s public request of Israel to stop its aggression against Syria, has put the continuation of the Israeli battle at a crossroads, despite the statements of Benjamin Natanyahuthat he insists on continuing the battle. The writer quoted the Zionist general and researcher “Garshon Hacohen”: “the change of circumstances in Syria has raised increasing doubts that the statuesque continuation of the battle does not exclude Israel from the specter of war, but will lead to a full-scale war that no one of the players can control, as the conditions that led to the war of 1967 are still valid…”

He further said, “The general staff of “Tel Aviv” have to be present, prepared and ready to go to war”.

The writer believes that despite all the failure of the axis of aggression against Syria, it is not excluded at all that Washington will impose more economic sanctions on Damascus in order to weaken the Syrian state, and to turn the Syrian public opinion against the president Dr. Bashar Assad on the other hand.

In other words, the economic war will do what the military war couldn’t, by fueling public resentment… Washington and the steadfast Syria will always be this way, and the countries of aggression will not stop their attempts to destroy Syria and any country which says “NO” to world domination system.

The writer confirms that the history of America, the head of the snake, is full of attempts to overthrow the regimes of many countries, supporting what the opposition calls (Venezuela as a model) and to tightening the economic sanctions encirclement with the aim of entrenching these countries and changing their regimes, as they do with Iran.


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