Syrians! Know how to get advantage of JASTA

The US is playing with fire…at the end of September 2016; the US Congress approved the “JASTA” Act, a law against terrorism in general, and not only against the source of terrorism (Saudi Arabia).

Its main text states: “A US citizen who, he or his family, has been harmed by a terrorist act that occurred on American territory, carried out by an individual, organization, or state, can sue the cause of such damage before the American courts.

That is, there will be no state in the world immune to the American judiciary and any state could be asked for material compensation of any physical or moral damage of any American citizens.

Beyond that, the law even includes incitement or assistance to carry out a terrorist act, whether it is a state, organization or individual, and the United States is entitled to forcibly bring them before the US courts.

This law clearly violates the sovereignty of states. The American judiciary has the right to subject any state to its authority, and it is up to the prosecutor who may issue an arrest warrant against any official in the world and bring him to the US courts.

The law is purely American “bullying” from the side of Washington, which is playing with fire by opening a wide door that cannot be closed.

Now countries affected by terrorism in general, and terrorism of the United States in particular, are entitled to enact a similar law, and this is the heart of the matter.

That is why Barack Obama and the senior military and intelligence leaders are against such act. “Obama told CBC:” If we allow US citizens to sue other countries, we will open the door to the citizens of these countries to sue the United States “.

What are the governments that have been affected by State terrorism waiting for? I will not talk about 56 countries that have been terrorized by the United States.

However, after Firil Center for Studies consulted a German international law professor, we say that the Syrian “JASTA” act will not only be against the United States but against dozens of countries that participated in terrorism against the citizens of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Of course, we have studied the subject very well at the Firil center and we found that the Syrian opposition does not have the right to raise cases against Russia or Iran, because this opposition does not recognize the Syrian government, thus the law is not applied on it, and when this “opposition come back under the wing of the Syrian state; then every session has a different discussion, this opposition also can’t sue any state because it is simply under the title of “legalnon-compliance”.

Syrian citizens will have the right to sue each state that sent fighters,armed them or embraced them, and eachSheikh , official or Amir who incited to kill in Syria.

By: JamilShaheen, Firil

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