Joha and the Water Trader

It was narrated that Joha travelled with the accompany of traders convoy to a distant city, and the tripe took many days amid arid lands until they all ran out of water except for one trader who had mules and camels loaded with cisterns and jars of water…

When they all became extremely thirsty they asked that trader to give them a drink, but he told them that the price of the small cup of water is 50 dinar and the big cup is 100 dinar…

They were all astonished of his words until one of them said to the trader: do you sell us water while it is a gift from Allah?

No one bought from the trader due to his exorbitant prices…

but when thirst affected them deeply, they decided to buy water in fear of dying out of thirst, yet Joha stood and said to the trader : I will buy all of your water with one thousand dinar, what do you say ?

The trader felt happy and accepted the offer; after that, Joha distributed water to everyone in the convoy, thus saving the situation.

They resumed moving, and the next day Joha set up a feast in his tent and invited all the travellers including the trader who sold him water where Joha over salted the trader’s food…

While the trader is insatiable, he ate up his food gluttonously without paying any attention to its salty flavor.

When the convoy continued walking under the burning sun, that trader felt an annoying dryness in his mouth because of salinity followed by greatfeeling of thirst until his lips became white, so he checked his luggage and found out that he ran out of water.

Hence, he started asking for water from the members of the convoy one by one, but no one gave him for what he did to them.

He went eventually to Joha when thirst destroyed him, so Joha said to him: I agree to sell you water for one thousand dinar.

The man was compelled to agree and returned the money to Jaha, then he drank until being saturated. Joha said to him: you see where your greed and exploitation of your brothers’ calamities led you?

If you lent a helping hand, they would support you…


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