Daily Archives: Sunday February 24th, 2019

US’ false win to the East of Euphrates

Last weekend, the American command announced the completion of the operation of the international coalition against ISIS in the Syrian village of Al-Baghuz Fawqani on the left bank of the Euphrates River. According to Pentagon officials, the American-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) established its control over the last Islamic State stronghold held by the terrorists in Syria. Obviously, in the ...

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Terrorists violate human rights in Idlib

Terrorists deny the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations from accessing most of the de- escalation zones. In their reports, UN experts expressed their concerns about the deteriorating situation in Idlib, and pointed to the most serious health care problems due to the refusal of foreign humanitarian organizations to provide medical facilities in de- escalation zones inIdlib, which are under ...

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Turkey continues to secretly support Hay’atTahrir al-Sham

In the last two months of December 2018, until February 2019, the armed terrorist groupHay’atTahrir al-Sham (HTS) took full control of de- escalation zones in Idlib. Other armed groups either joined HTS or left the area. The absence of any opposition by Turkey, or resistance by the armed groups supported by it, indicates the direct role of the Turkish security ...

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