Rukban in the western outlets: pass the buck

Reuters agency published another one sensation this Thursday: Russian Military Police and Syrian Government Forces under the pretext of deploying humanitarian corridors, allegedly blocked all the roads to the US-controlled 55-kilometer Al-Tanf zone, thereby blocking the free access of vehicles with food and fuel to the Rukban refugee camp.

The author of the article, Solomon Al Khalidi, without hesitation, categorically blames Russia and Syria for the current humanitarian catastrophe at Rukban.

However, the “analyst” completely ignored one factor: the crisis in the refugee camp arose much earlier.

And it was caused not by the fact that access to transport was hampered in Rukban, but, on the contrary, by the forced detention of refugees by the US-backed terrorist group MaghaweirThowra.

Rukban is not a place where residents want to stay. People huddle in shacks without water and electricity, garbage is not carried out.

There is an acute problem of providing the refugees with drinking water. Theft, prostitution, and unequal marriages are widespread in the camp. The sexual exploitation of minors, gender inequality flourishes, and human trafficking is also widespread.

The true state of affairs in Rukbanis well known to the UN representatives. Back in November last year, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) called on all the parties of the conflict to find a solution for the refugees to leave the camp.


Western “friends” once again turn the opposite to be true. The prison guards of the concentration camp, which Rukban has turned into, appear to be the rescuers of the population in the messages, and the initiators of the long overdue settlement of the camp are the culprits of the beginning famine.

But such news can be trusted only by narrow-minded people who are completely devoid of common sense.


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