Laser Converts Carbon Fibers and Nanotubes to Diamonds

Scientists from the University of North Carolina have demonstrated a new technique that converts carbon fibers and nanotubes into diamond fibers at ambient temperature and air pressure.

The new method is based on the use of carbon fibers and nanotubes, which are exposed to the laser beams that are similar to those used for Lasik eye surgery, according to an article published by the scientific team headed by Jim Narayan in Nanoscale Paper.

The laser pulse does not last more than 0.1 microsecond. During this short period, the temperature rises to 3700 ° C, while the surrounding air remains cold.

Carbon does not evaporate at this high temperature because it is put in a sapphire, glass or polymer container to effectively cool it. “Without undercooling, you cannot convert carbon into diamond this way,” Narayan said.

So after heating, you should directly cool the material, to get the diamond fibers.

 Source:”Vesti ru”.


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