Daily Archives: Wednesday February 27th, 2019

Russia and repeating the Syrian scenario in Venezuela

Under this title, Sergey Aksyonov wrote in SvobodnayaPressa about Maduro’s readiness for American military intervention and the civil war that might erupt in the country. A new local military conflict that could have global repercussions is brewing in Venezuela. Donald Trump did not rule out sending the US military there, Moscow cannot ignore such facts, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s anger ...

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10 natural ways to control high blood pressure

According to Healthy &Pretty, Research shows that 1 in 3 in American adults has high blood pressure (Hypertension), also known as the ‘silent-killer’. Here are 10 effective ways to help maintain a balanced blood pressure without resorting to any medications. Exercise: As you increase your heart and breathing rates through simple exercises like walking, your heart gets stronger and pumps ...

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