President Assad’s messages: accurate of timing and mindful choice of words?!

Abdel Bari Atwan wrote that in “Syria the state” every step is well studied, things there, especially strategy, is not left for coincidence.

This is a rule that applies to political statements and positions, as is the case with the visits of senior officials and their speeches, on top of them President Bashar al-Assad,Not long after President Bashar al-Assad’s last appearance, came his speech to the heads of the local councils, a speech which was filled with direct and indirect messages from more than one side with words that were chosen very carefully.

The first of these messages was for the “Syrian Kurds and their armed factions,” who bet on the American protection, a message that warned them that Washington will not protect them and will use them as  tools to serve its policies in the region.

USA is withdrawing and abandoning them to face their own fate, just like it did with its other “allies”.

The second message was a warning to the Arabs.

The plan, which was designed to divide Syria and the Arab participationwith tens of billions dollars to fund this plan, also targets them.

If the Syrian Arab army, supported by Russia and the resistance axis, has defeated this plan on the Syrian soil, it doesn’t mean it’s not coming to other Arab states; their turn will be soon.The third is a fact that some are trying to hide or ignore it.

The American withdrawal wasn’t an act of generosity by Trump, but rather the fruit of the hard work of the resistance and the result of a defeat on the Syrian soil, besides no options are left for those who are hiding under the American umbrella, the Kurds in particular, but to come back to the bosom of the Syrian state and to live with allof its components taking into consideration equality, respect of human rights and social justice.

The author confirms that these messages reached the concerned parties, regionally and internationally, but we do not know whether they will take the warnings contained seriously.

(Idlib)is a Syrian territory and it must return to the Syrian state whether by peace or by war, and the same applies on the north of Syria and eastern Euphrates.It won’t be difficult for the Syrian Arab army which recovered Homs, Aleppo, Deir al-Zour,

Damascus countryside and other areas- to restore all remaining land; it’s only a matter of priorities , no less no more.

Finally, the last eight years of armed chaos and fragmentation schemes are full of lessons to be learned.


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