Daily Archives: Thursday March 7th, 2019

To all who dealt with the Americans

I would like to talk to all the Syrians on the Euphrates Island whether Arabs or Kurds, and I’ll start by addressing the Syrian Kurds. Is it true that some of the articles written by your theoreticians and sent to you have hardened your heart toward your homeland!! Do not you claim that you are Syrians? Is that what a ...

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EMERGENCY JOINT STATEMENT of the interagency coordinating headquarters of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic, March 5, 2019. «On the failure of the American side of the humanitarian operation assistance to Syrian citizens illegally detained in the Al-Tanfoccupied zone»

The unprecedented measures taken by the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic to solve the problem of the Rukban refugee camp and bring Syrian citizens out of it to places of permanent residence continue to be blocked by unconstructive actions of the United States side, leading to new victims and multiplying the suffering of Syrians who are forcibly held in ...

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The Syrian Authorities work hard to secure houses and jobs for the refugees of Rukban camp

US troops refused to allow busses, intended for evacuating refugees, to enter Rukban camp. However, Syrian government is already preparing housing for refugees, and industial enterprises are capable to provide them with jobs. Textile factory in Damascus’ suburb is one of such enterprises. For several years frontline passed near the factory, but production of bandages, cotton wool, and uniforms never ...

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