EMERGENCY JOINT STATEMENT of the interagency coordinating headquarters of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic, March 5, 2019. «On the failure of the American side of the humanitarian operation assistance to Syrian citizens illegally detained in the Al-Tanfoccupied zone»

The unprecedented measures taken by the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic to solve the problem of the Rukban refugee camp and bring Syrian citizens out of it to places of permanent residence continue to be blocked by unconstructive actions of the United States side, leading to new victims and multiplying the suffering of Syrians who are forcibly held in US-controlled Al-Tanf 55- two kilometer zone

Syrians who were forced to leave their homes, fleeing from the militants of the Islamic State terrorist group, were actually in a military blockade on the border of Jordan and Syria.

According to a survey conducted by representatives of the UN and the Syrian Red Crescent, 95% of the Syrians in Rukban, which is about 40 thousand people, want to leave its territory as soon as possible and more than 35 thousand expressed a desire to return to settlements controlled by Syrian government.

Under these conditions, the leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic, with the support of the Russian Federation, has taken unprecedented measures aimed at saving the Syrian citizens being held in the Rukban camp.

Despite this, the US command in the Al-Tanf zone did not take responsibility for ensuring the safe and unimpeded movement of automobile columns through the 55-kilometer zone controlled by them and, in fact, disrupted the performance of the most important humanitarian operation to save Syrian citizens, located in Rukban.

At the same time, the American side, the only one guilty in the current humanitarian catastrophe in the Rukban camp, does not cease to attempt to shift responsibility for what is happening to the Syrian and Russian sides, in every way misinforming the world community with allegations that the conditions for the return of refugees to United Nations standards are not in conformity.

While the United States is trying in every possible way to justify the need to locate its troops in the Al-tanf area, ordinary Syrian citizens continue to suffer and die in the Rukban death camp.

Objective data available to the Interagency Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic, testify to the appalling conditions of stay in the camp.

The US side needs to move from populism to real actions: release the illegally detained inhabitants of the Rukban camp, ensure their right to free (without payment) access to their places of permanent residence, provide guarantees of safe passage of humanitarian road columns through the illegally occupied Al-Tanf zone.


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