Victory for the Eagle … Erdogan is a footman and Turkey is for rent

Assad’s speeches no longer need peopleto carry them, convey them and ask for permission to spread them, as was the case when Assad’s words were besieged bythreats …

Allof the world’s leaders, all the recycling and counterfeiting giants, and millions of sites and stations that had nothing to do but to grind the words of Assad, all of them used to bring each speech and grab each word to torture it and to force it to confess what it does not know ..

The destructive project was to kill the pride of the words before the pride of the people…but today, Assad’s words are flying with giant wings like an eagle that owned the sky…and snakes have become food for the eagles…and while we hear the throbbing wings of the eagles as they roam the sky; we hear the hissing of the snakes and their agitation and tension from their burrows under the ground and beyond the border…

like all the nationalist Syrian, I heard Assad’s speech word by word and celebrated every word, especially those that carried the promise of liberation for all the Syrian soil,because the words of the victors and the leaders have the flavor of the stars coming from the future.But I want to thank President al-Assad for singling out Erdogan in his speech and for despising him with contempt. He added a new job to him after Erdogan won the title of former “rascal”.

He said that Erdoganis a “footman” a description that warmed the heart of the people who no longer want to find that Turkey has a place in Syria…Indeed, Erdogan has been chattering for seven years and demanding a lot, but he is obedient to his masters and did not contradict them one day…

When his master told him that his role is decreed in the north on a specific size and should not exceed ,it was enough for him to bark from behind the walls of Taurus.And I was surprised by those who found a sort of calmness in the bark, or who said that Erdogan will suddenly land his plane in Damascus apologizing, claiming that it is the pragmatism of this man…

as if the pragmatism of blood shed by this thug would makes us accept his repentance or open our home for him again ..

This footman is locked in a cage and will not dream after the day to land south… and just like he went out of Aleppo and his leg over his neck…his second leg will be wrapped around his neck when he will get out of Idlib… and one day he will get out of Iskenderun no matter how long that takes…

Syrians have discovered their enormous potential in the war. They have found the weakness point of the footmen… as footmen make from the countries they govern are “countries for rent” to be rented by different forces.

Just like some of the guns are for rent, some countries and parties are for rent too.And when we know that Erdoganis for rent …

we conclude that the AKP is for rent and so isthe Muslim Brotherhood … As well as the Turkish army that is  rented by NATO ..

This footman has turned all Turkey to a state for rent .. And the footmen cannot make the freedom orindependence ..

And they will pay the price sooner or later ..

By: Naram Serjon


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