Dimensions and Effects of the Ongoing Israeli aggression

By: Dr. Ahmad Haj Ali

The structural and rooted characteristics are still shaping up the Zionist aggression, controlling its paths and regulating its options on the basis of these characteristics distributed on three dimensions.

In the first dimension, all organic options lie based on the practice of aggression in a sustainable and continuous manner. In today’s world, we have two parties whose structures depend on attacking others, plundering their wealth and destroying their bonds of life in both buildings and humans.

The two parties are the United States of America and the Zionist entity in Israel. However, in the origin of their structure and before making any consideration or analysis, we find this tendency to launch attacks on others.

Aggression is originated in their nature and not something minor, so the absence or postponement of aggression to an extended time leads directly to the revelation of what they hide inside, and the gradual emergence of all points of weakness and splits and finally reaching the point of deterioration, weakness and demise.

The solid, entrenched and organic basis of the Israeli entity is practicing aggression as a founded tendency in the entity and a guarantor of Israeli internal unity.

In the second dimension, we, through assessment, search and analysis, find the same facts of aggression in respect to the military tools used in the aggression that are the outcomes of the Zionist-American military technology and thought. It seems that the war in the sky has become the option of the Zionist enemy either by fighters or quality missiles.

Here we find that this Zionist weapon depends on remote targeting theory, especially through the political void in Lebanon or from behind Mount Hermon or the west of Sea of Galilee, and it is possible to hire the Jordanian space to launch this aggression.

This weapon is cutting-edge and destructive. The Zionist entity used to think deeply in the features of technology and power that it has, without deep ascertaining of what the Arab Syria possesses  of will, experience and efficiency to develop systems of military and political response and deterrence.

At this point, the strong possibility emerged that the Syrian confrontation movement will gradually enter into the area of deterrence and not response.

In other words, through a reciprocal approach against the Zionist entity, airport by airport, city by city and institution by institution for this is an equation far beyond the tolerance of weapon, Zionist human and Zionist community in general.

The third dimension represented by the methodology drawn by Israel in order to create psychological and social effects on the Syrian community by the passing missiles, the sound of their explosion and the frequent launching; they expect that this will spread horror and that the national public opinion is prepared to accept any condition to have tranquility.

Behind this, these aggressions aim at presenting the political regime and the state in Syria as being unable to protect their people; moreover, they failed to meet the needs of economy, security and stability, but it was evident that the Syrian people are higher than wounds and they are   united and happy with the Syrian national response.

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