Daily Archives: Sunday March 10th, 2019

Terrorism according to John Bolton

by Thierry Meyssan After the Muslim Brotherhoods lost their US-given“State” straddling parts of Iraq and Syria, the United States is working now to coin a new  definition for its manipulation of terrorism. The US National Security Adviser John Bolton is said to be recycling about 7,000 DAESH (ISIS) terrorists in Afghanistan besides some 4,000 more of the anti-Iranian People’s Mujahidin ...

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A Syrian student turns water into fuel

The young man “Mohammad Zaher Al – Khayat” born in Hama 1997, has managed to invent a unique new device that converts water into hydrogen fuel used in some generators management which run on gasoline and diesel. According to Al-Khayat, the idea started five years ago through conducting many researches on energy in order to totally dispense with petroleum fuels ...

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