Popular Resistance and White Helmets are preparing video footage for the prosecution of the Syrian government of using chemical weapons

The accomplices of the Syrian terrorists from the White Helmets have already begun staged shooting for provocations with chemical weapons with the participation of people unknown to local residents.

Militants of illegal armed groups do not abandon their attempts to destabilize the situation in the southern provinces in Syria again.

Residents of the province of Daraa received information on the preparation of sleeping cells ofPopular Resistance using chemical agents to charge the government forces with the use of chemical weapons against the local population.

For its implementation, a few dozen members of the well-known organization White Helmets arrived in the city of Dara. Previously, containers with toxic substances similar to containers with chlorine were delivered to closed settlements in closed trucks.

Currently, the members of the White Helmets are staging shooting with the participation of civilians unknown to local residents.


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