The most malicious party known to man kind

By: Dr. Ali a-Shoaibi

The battle that we are living in Syria is first of all a battle of thought. When hundreds of thinkers gathered in Europe at the end of the nineteenth century in Britain, the aim of this meeting was to preserve the European civilization and implant a Zionist entity in Palestine and establish another entity that has an Islamic facade, an entity which has achronic grudge against all other Arabs Muslims and is always training to change its color like a chameleon ,this appeared publicly first in Egypt in the first third of the twentieth century and from the beginning appeared with it the secret military organization with its secret objectives and serious military exercises, which were trained strongly to provoke sedition and execute terrorist acts.

In Egypt; many acts of terrorism and assassinations were carried out, they began with the assassination of Egyptian Prime Minister Nkrachi Pasha and spread to all the Arab and Islamic countries in which the organization appeared.

We; in Syria; have suffered a great deal from this criminal organization and the assassinations of the military, scientists, university professors, mosque preachers and all the scholars who have uncovered the reality of this very dangerous terrorist organization.

The Syrian state has exerted its efforts in various attempts to suppress this deadly organization , and here it is now in power in Turkey represented by the Justice and Development Party ,and without much research we can get to the reality of everything that happened in Syria during eight years of various wars from the military to the milk of children, a war of criminal acts that is only interested in in implementing the plans of those who are in charge from the enemies of the outside and the inside, interested in standing with the Zionist entity, and always striving for sabotage and terrorism.

And here are the Syrian leaders of this party sitting in Turkey, whom Erdogan gathered their Arabs and non-Arabs followers on the tables of hatred and sectarianism to deploy them in Syria as he did in Afrin and its villages and al-Bab.

And now; these Syrian and non-Syrians “brothers” will be deployed under the pretext of the Kurdish presence to north and north-east of Syria, a presence that nothing can be compared to its malice and cunning.

And we in Syria must watch out of this party, as the effects of this criminal “Brotherhood” are still present in the minds of the Syrian people, effects that have been exacerbated by the Muslim Brotherhood during eight very difficult years to Syria, now Syrian people are pretty much sure that the most dangerous party on Syria is the Muslim Brotherhood, the most malicious entity God has ever created.

Thus, we must resist this though which takes different forms, and the state should protect the people and itself by preventingthe existence of any religious book except for Koran and Hadith.

Maybe someone will come and say that these books could be easily found on the internet; I would say so what, the important thing is that these kinds of books won’t see the light in our country I their paper form, plus we have to know that all religious libraries are rooms of war against this people.

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