Daily Archives: Saturday March 16th, 2019

Syria is back with its steadfastness and victory ?!

There are several milestones that can be stopped at when following up the meeting of the Arab Parliamentary Union, the first of these signs was that the Syrian delegation was the star of this session, without exception, according to the editorial of (RaialYoum), as the head of the delegation, Hamouda Sabbagh, managed to steal the spotlight, taking the position of ...

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Investing in an Arabic “Guantanamo”?

The Arab-European summit was held in Sharm El-Sheikh under the slogan “Investing in stability”. Its agenda included many security, political and economic issues, but perhaps the most important issue for Europeans in their approach to the Arab world today is the issue of illegal refugees who move from the north Africa to Europe through the Mediterranean, and “Daesh” terrorists of ...

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