Syria is back with its steadfastness and victory ?!

There are several milestones that can be stopped at when following up the meeting of the Arab Parliamentary Union, the first of these signs was that the Syrian delegation was the star of this session, without exception, according to the editorial of (RaialYoum), as the head of the delegation, Hamouda Sabbagh, managed to steal the spotlight, taking the position of the confident and victorious with his “damascene” wit, reflecting the Syrian steadfastness, especially when he asserted that Syria is engaged in four wars:The first against terrorism, the second against siege, the third against the media, and the fourth against the merchants of war; and Syria has achieved, and is achieving tangible victories in them all.

The second milestone was the strong rejection of all forms of normalization with the Israeli occupation state, as Mr. Atef Tarawneh, Speaker of the Jordanian Parliament, NabihBerri, Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, and Marzouq Al Ghanim, Speaker of the Kuwaiti Parliamen all gathered to impose an explicit text in the final statement condemning normalization,ironically, the two are elected parliamentarians. Mr. Al-Ghanim was strong in his speech before the meeting, and deserved the loud applause, when he called for “rejecting the mere talk

of normalizationor marketing it,” considering that “in the context of political taboo and morally prohibition” despite the objection of the delegations of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt on the point of rejecting normalization in the final statement, and its demand to amend it, a position that confirms that these countries are on the pathwhich has a popular rejection of the masses, reflecting the shortcomings in reading the changes on the Arab arena.Mr. Tarawneh’s position, supported by his colleagues, who rejected this amendment, was honorable and offered a lesson in adhering to the constants.

The editorial sees that Syria is back on its terms and steadfastness to the joint Arab action strongly as a pioneer state, and with it, Arab constants- most notably the Palestine case – are back to the forefront again.

However, this is a reflection of the “stage of change” that is prevailing in the region, the most prominent of which is the defeat of the American-Israeli project in Syria, Iraq and Libya, which leads us to be optimistic about the future.


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