Lindsey Graham’s provocative visit to the Syrian Golan Heights – press

The provocative, illegal and immoral visit paid recently by the US Senator Lindsey Graham to the occupied Syrian Golan Heights has irked Damascus in view of its wide-reaching ramifications that world media has failed to report on in its coverage of this suspicious visit.

In a recent report on the visit, The Hill, a paper published by the Capitol Hill, rightly noted that the Golan Heights, seized by Israel during the six-day war of 1967, are still viewed under the international law as a Syrian territory and that none of the international community countries has ever recognized  the unilateral resolution taken by “Israel” in 1981 to annex the plateau.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry issued a strongly-worded statement condemning the remarks made by Senator Lindsey Graham about the Golan Heights.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) quoted a Foreign Ministry official source as saying: “Graham’s remarks do not only expose a total ignorance of the facts of history and geography, but also provide the latest evidence about the blatant disregard by the United States of international legality and persistent violations of international law.

All UN resolutions, particularly UN Security Council resolution no 497 of the year 1981, unanimously passed under chapter 7 by all 15 members of the UN Security Council, including the US itself, has made the legal status of the Plateau crystal clear and has made it absolutely indisputable that the Golan Heights are a Syrian territory under occupation.

The resolution has also made it clear that the unilateral resolution taken by the usurper occupation entity is null and void and without any legal effect.

Consequently, the occupation authorities are not entitled to take any measures that might alter its demographic configration nor its true identity or character.”

Syria has every right to condemn such a provocative visit, which seems to be more than a mere individual visit paid by a US Senator.

The problem is that the US Ambassador to the Zionist entity David Friedman has accompanied him in this visit, making it look like a semi-official one.

An incumbent Ambassador would not usually pay such a visit without a “green light” from the White House.

What further complicates the matter and provides more room for suspicisions is the fact that last month three US Congressmen, namely Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkinson, and Representative Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin introduced a resolution to “esure that ‘Israel’ retains control of the Golan Heights.

According to several media outlets, the visit might have been arranged by Netanyahu as a part of his election campaign and/or to distract attentions away from the corruption charges he is currently facing.

The Hill quoted  “Jerusalem Post” as saying that the trip was planned as part of a media blitz to show American support for Netanyahu,” who is planning to visit the US next month ahead of  the April elections.

During the visit, he will meet President Trump and will address the AIPAC (Americam-Israeli Public Affairs Committee), the strongest pro-Zionist lobby in the United States.

What no media outlet has talked about is the reason behind Graham’s “fondness” of the Zionist entity and his lavish praise and support for it. The answer might be found in “money trails”.

According to “Open Secrets,” Graham’s election campaign receive donations from a plethora of industries, including the military industrial complex, with the name of Lockheed Martin high on the list.

The list also includes oil companies, lobbying groups and individuals. According to the “Nation”,  the AIPAC  does not donate to selected nominees  directly, because it is prohibited under the US law.

So, they channel their funding through an array of “fronts”, including “individual donors”. With such a tactic, they reportedly evade the law.

One may also suspect that  “Genie Energy” might be among those contributing to Graham’s election campaign, though it is difficult to verify.

However, those who track down the evasive tactics applied in fudning election campaigns would not totally rule out such a possibility.

Genie Energy and its subsidiary has got consessions rights to drill and mine oil in the occupied Syrian plateau. Such an act it totally illegal, because the land is a Syrian territory and Tel Aviv has no legal right to grant such a consession to anyone.

However, the list of the Board of Directors, Advisers and owners would explain why Genie Energy was not held accountable.

The list includes Who is Who names such as former Vice-President Dick Cheney of the Bush Jr. Adminsitration,  Jacob Rothschild of the world’s richest families, and Rupert Murdoch, owner of some of the world’s largest media enterprises.

However, the Golan Heights are Syrian territories and will continue to belong to Syria.


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