Top headlines of The Independent over the past days

The controversy, the debates and the political crisis around Brexit is still the leading banners  of British newspapers, including the Independent.

The second major issue dealt with by the Independent  was the decision taken by over 40 countries to ground Boeing 737 Max 8. “Boeing 737 Max 8 banned from UK airspace, the paper said in a leading banner”.

The decision to ground this aircraft came after two deadly accidents one in Ethiopia where the plane crashed  minutes after take off and another in Indonesia late last year.

Boeing suffered heavy losses due to this decision and its shares fell drastically on stock markets. The US President Trump slammed Britain for what he considered as a “premature decision” but he himself issued an emergency decision grounding this model for safety reasons.

Till the time of editing this piece, the Federal Aviation Association ruled that the plane was safe to fly, but would most probably re-think its judgment.

In a special report, the Independent highlighted the story of a “rebel Saudi Royal” (Prince Khaled bin Farhan Al Saud) who is working to form a Europe-based opposition calling for regime-change in Saudi Arabia and demanding that the Kingdom be turned into a constitutional monarchy.

It quoted him as saying that he believes that the Saudi authorities were planning to kidnap him just days before Khashoggi was killed.

He told the paper that the Saudi authorities were trying to lure him, but he sensed that it was a trap and refused to fly to Egypt to meet officials at the consulate there. “Scientists ‘reverse time’ with quantum computer in breakthrough study’ was a stunning headline highlighted by the paper.

But reading into the article, one would see that it talks about an experiment, in which the researchers reportedly managed to “create a state that evolves in a direction opposite to that of the thermodynamic arrow of time”.

To many readers, this was not a “time reversal”.

In the business section, a headline reads: “ Murdoch’s News Corp calls for break up of Google to save news media”.

According to the paper, News Corp cited competitiveness as one of the reasons behind this call.  In its Wednesday edition, the paper published a report under the headline: CIA ‘implicated’ in attack on North Korean Embassy in Madrid.

Spanish investigators have reportedly linked the CIA to an attack on the North Korean Embassy in Madrid last month.

It quoted the Spanish El-Pais daily as saying that a groups of 10 assailants broke into the Embassy on 22 February, tying up eight members of staff before beating and interrogating them.

The attackers also took computers and mobile phones from the Embassy. Sources close to the investigation told Spanish newspaper El-Pais they had identified at least two of the attackers as having connections with the CIA.

The newspaper said the CIA had denied involvement but its sources in the government said they found the US intelligence agency’s response “unconvincing”.


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