Reprogramming Life May Detect Extraterrestrials

Scientists in the NASA-Funded “Applied Molecular Evolution” institution,innovated a new form of the double helix DNA. The new form comes with four additional nucleotides named “hachimoji DNA” which is a word derived from Japanese language meaning “eight letters”.

The DNA code that isthe reasoning behind the existence of all creatures and chemistry that the human being has observed from the next nucleotides or letters: adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G), cytosine (C).

Scientists have been able to add new letters holding the names (P), (B), (Z) and (S) which provide tens of new chemical information which in turn generate thousands of potential genetic patterns that were not existed before.

Defenders of this technology say: “as species, we need to test thelimits of DNA in an attempt to predict the extent to which life can develop” adding: “this will help us to defeat incurable diseases and viruses in the future on Earth and to search for extraterrestrials in other places from the solar system and the broadest universe “.

People who have this idea consider that this may help them to store huge quantities of archival data better than our current  storage based on silicon, thanks to the emerging industry of DNA storage.

In addition, it will allow reprogramming life using different genetic base in order to conduct new species of Nano-structures.

The chemist Steven Pienaar: “through careful analysis for the roles, forms and sizes of the DNA “hachimoji”, this work will expand our understanding to the types of molecules that may store information of life outside Earth planetin the alien worlds”.

Pienaar added that more letters would be added, waiting to test them, which are “K” and “X”,  that would give more possibilities for the ability of forming stable double helix DNA.

Andrew Ellington, a biochemist in Texas university, said:” extended nucleotides give you opportunity to make things bigger, better, stronger and generally faster”.


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