The Ideology of the “Muslim Brotherhood” in Service of “Al-Nusra Front”

Nicolas Heras, a researcher at the US Center for Security, says: The influence of the so-called “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham” (Sham Liberation Brigade), which was previously called “Al-Nusra Front”, is largely due to the fact that it controls the commercial movement from and to Idlib, which contributes to its financing and gives it greater power than it deserves.

Its alliance with the armed militias there has long been an obstacle to a ceasefire or a reduction in tension.

It was excluded by the Turks, the Americans and their allies from all these agreements, along with “ISIS”, as a “jihadist” group despite its attempts to separate itself from al-Qaeda.

Moreover, Damascus and Moscow still refer to it as “Al-Nusra Front “.

Damascus and Moscow have repeatedly justified their raids on Idlib by targeting this faction, which is classified as “terrorist”.

Moreover, Russia has asked Turkey, which has influence over the terrorist “Nusra” faction, to find a solution to end its existence; thereby avoiding a large-scale attack on Idlib.

Although “Al-Nusra Front” has changed its name many times throughout the previous years, this does not change the fact of being extreme.

According to Al-Akhbar Newspaper, Al-Julani’s efforts are accelerating to re-export his group in a new form, aspiring to resemble the Muslim Brotherhood.

If Al-Julani’s plans are implemented, they will be no more than “necessary tactics” as promoted in the scenes, with strict adherence to “Jihad” as a consistent strategy.

“Hayat Tahrir al-Sham or Al-Nusra Front previously” do not find it difficult to change its form, whenever needed.

“Al-Julani” proved his willingness to modify tactics and “methodologies” without destroying the effective means and tools, especially when the complexities of the scene give him a “regional shoulder” to lean on it.

This is something that Al-Nusra has never been deprived of, with the exception of some temporary periods, the hardest of which was at the period of Qatari recession at the beginning of the recent Gulf crisis.

Pragmatism is a horse that can always be ridden, and the “Rule of Necessity” is ready to provide “legitimate justifications”.


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