Syria is restoring an important economic artery

The Syrian Ministry of Transport restored the railway linking Damascus with Homs. The ministry repaired 122 km of line between Homs and Nasiriyah, 80 km north of the Syrian capital.

The move will facilitate the transfer of grain from the port of Latakia on the Syrian coast to the country’s grain storage centers, and return it back as flour by train.

The train carried out its first ride after the repair of the line, which was 310 km from the port of Latakia to the silo in the farthest point northernQalamoon with 1500 tons of grain.

This was the result of the efforts of the Syrian railway workers, who processed 122 kilometers of the railway connecting Homs and Damascus, till the railway reached the grain stores and the mills.

The Syrian Transport Ministry said in a statement that the operation of the railway provides for the transfer of large quantities of grain at lower wages than the use of trucks.

Source: (RT)


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