• when you turn quickly, your brain disables the vision for milliseconds! This is from Allah’s gifts so you will not get dizzy!

  • your voice changes when you wake up due to not using the vocal chords during sleep, so they become tight and need some time to soften.

  • Loud sneezing signifies a cheerful outgoing personality that is fearless, while the quite sneezing reflects a shy personality that fears encounters.

  • When your eye blinks, this does not mean there are problems in the eye rather because of anxiety, exhaustion and nervous tension. It is not something dangerous even it lasts for hours.

  • The desire of too much sleeping is a normal behavior for the self to avoid frequent feeling of loneliness and neglect.

  • While sleeping, your body fluctuates involuntarily every 12 minutes so that your skin will not decay! Glory be to Him whose eye does not sleep…

  • Urinary retention for a very long time leads to death due to hyponatremia, and it is called “aqueous poisoning”.

  • The human being takes 21 days for what he is doing to become a habit, and takes 21 days also to do away with any habit.

  • A woman has a sense of smell stronger than that of a man.

  • The Black Stone is not black originally, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said “When the Black Stone came down from Paradise, it was whiter than milk, but the sins of the sons of Adam made it black.”

  • If you ate chili spices and did not tolerate its hotness, all you have to do is to put some sugar on your tongue, and then you will directly be relieved.

  • Honey enters the bloodstream after eating in about 15 minutes!

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