Did the Americans Reverse their Withdrawal Decision?

The writer “Naser Qandil” sees that theUS concern comes from its interest to prove that their withdrawal will cause confusion and chaos, and that there is no agreed alternative to succeed them.

Furthermore, withdrawal coordination becomes necessity that everyone requests in order to negotiate the coordination cost as long as they failed luring the negotiation on withdrawal cost after they set the price by swapping it with the Iranian withdrawal.

The American side generally as a trader and the American president specifically as a trader are ready to sell and buy, but they discover that they are ready for selling, yet there is no one to buy! After announcing an immediate withdrawal, postponement calls came from <Israel> and its supporters in Congress.

Nevertheless, the ones whom the American side wants to negotiate with welcomed the decision and questioned its credibility, and this is what the Russians, Iranians and Syrians said.

However, the Turkish and Kurdish leaderships contested to search for post withdrawal formulas and their role in them.

Yet, this is not what concerns the American side ratherthe willingness of Russia, Iran and Syria to negotiate.But whenthere was no readiness from their side echoed in the ear of the US, it started talking about that two hundred soldiers will be stay hoping that this echo would be heard.

Based on the foregoing, the American side is ready to receive the price of coordination outside Syria talking this time about Afghanistan and the prospect of partial and temporal remaining on the counter, but still not hearing any echo according to the writer.

The American side realizes that what units of thousands failed to do, a symbolicunit of hundreds will not success doing, but rather it would cost the Americans searching politically for a protection they have to pay for to the ones who have the ability to threaten its securitylike the case in Iraq.

Thus, the American side will remain talking to itself; at times, it says that it is going to withdraw totally and immediately and still not hearing the echo it is waiting to hear.

Consequently, the American side would say it is not in a hurry but still not hearing the echo then it is not going to withdraw because the war with Isis did not finish and again not hearing the echo.

Later,it says it is going to withdraw gradually then give way to Turkey then threaten the Kurds if they cooperate with Syria, but in each time it is not hearing the echo.

Now the American side is saying that it is going to keep two hundred soldiers and maintain a military presence in Al-Tanf in order to hear something, and it will not hear anything.

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