Transferring terrorism to the Far East

  • Source:(Thierry Meyssan)

While Turkey has fostered economic links with China in order to solve its economic crisis,it has also publicly denounced the repression of the Uyghurs, basing its accusations on false information, sharply criticizing Beijing and describing the way she treats Uyghurs as “a disgrace to humanity.”

In fact, over the past 25 years, Beijing has faced three dilemmas:

  • Islamism (meaning the Muslim Brotherhood) the “Islamic” Movement in East Turkistan, which was established in 1997, and went on to form in Afghanistan with the Taliban, under the watchful eye of the CIA.

  • The return of the civil war forces (1927-1950) with the establishment of the “East Turkistan Government in Exile” in Washington since 2004, the government that restored the anti-communist coalition of the old Kuomintang with the Dalai Lama and Taiwan.

  • Ethnic separatism with the Uyghur World Congress, founded in Munich, and then moved to Washington in 2004.

In fact, China was not comfortable with religions in general, especially during the Maoist era, when all religions were persecuted during the Cultural Revolution.

Now; it is less comfortable with “Islam” because some of its ritual practices do not correspond to the conditions of life in the Far East in general.

Until August of last year, jihadists flowed from the Islamic Movement of East Turkistan in thousands to Syria with the help of Turkish intelligence services, estimated at eighteen thousand Uighurs, including at least five thousand fighters who settled in the western countryside of Idlib province, benefiting from the protection of the German and French Special Forces so far.

Since last November, the most fanatical elements in American political life, including Senator Marco Rubio (who has been heavily involved in destabilizing Venezuela), have campaigned against alleged human rights abuses in China.

Accordingly, they formed a Congressional-Executive committee (which Trump administration refuses to attend its meetings) to hear an alleged victim of the Chinese “dictatorship” who said that between one and three million Uyghurs are being submitted to electrical torture in the re-education camps.The official US media also confirm that Koran is now banned from circulation by the Communist Party of China.

It seems that the figures may be hundreds times bigger than reality, especially since there are twenty-four thousand mosques for thirteen million Muslims in China, besides Koran is displayed on the facades of libraries with no restrictions.

At the end of the day; Turkey has recently reconciled with America and is now preparing to carry out clandestine operations against China.

Erdogan returned to his former career when he led MillîGörüş the Islamic organization that supported Tatar, Chechen and Uighur Islamists.

Terrorism has finally failed in Iraq and Syria, but now it is being departed to the Far East.

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