Silence on the Threshold of Victory

For the past eight years, we  have been swallowing bitterness,  bearing  harm , and each day we were asking Allah for the  purple victory.

All this  due to our rejection of  subordination, and we raised our heads high in order to preserve independence of our country and sovereignty of our decision.

The lean years have passed, but we will never forget the crimes of the murderers over the Syrian land, which made the deaf stone utter pain, blood and poetry.

All Syrians remember exactly what the takfirists terrorists have done to our daughters one day.

The female students of institutes in Homs, when they gathered them in the roads,  undressed them, killed them and made rosaries for the devils out of their nipples, which made the firm mountains cried, and the deaf screamed:

The bloods of the dawn and the beheadings of the noon

The killing explosions at night

And the ripping th pregnant women’s bellies

By the swords of sons of  biutches

Pains of bloodsheds

On the pavements of all roads

Killing the fathers and daughters

And the rosaries of nipples

Such was my country’s state

And sorrows like the firm mountains

But all these harsh years have passed

And the knight have led us to a great victory which stands at the doors endings. Many Martyrs  have sacrificed their lives until we achieved that victory which is  standing at the doors of endings.

A martyr from my country have cried:

Come and greet our heroes, men of truth,

And greet their awareness and understanding of the issue

Come and greet army lords and officers

And greet the ranks of military officers

Come and greet the den’s leader

Assad of resistance and Arab manhood

The knight of the field, the smartest of  all The pride of Arab, glory and genius

All these victories that stands at the doors of endings could not be achieved without the sacrifices, the mothers’ tears and the silent fathers’ moans.

We will win, and soon, the silent victory will cry before what has remained from our Syrian land. Yet, never forget that we were to remain a trace  if the pure blood have not shed.

Dr. (Ali Al-Shuaibi) among the silent ranks. 


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