Rights Watch is worried about ISIS terrorists and has no problem with Pompeo’s threats against the Syrians!

Human Rights Watch has expressed concern about the fate of the militants of ISIS terrorist organization if they are to be tried in Iraq!

While the administration showed a clear indifference to the continued threat to the lives of Syrians as long as they do not threaten the lives of Americans! In a recent report; Human Rights Watch said:” In the past few weeks, the so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces” have transferred (330) fighters of ISIS to Iraq after their arrest in Syria, pointing out that at least 13 French nationals were among the fighters transferred to Iraq”.

Iraqi President Barham Salih said last month that his country would prosecute 13 French nationals arrested during their fight with ISIS in Damascus and that they would be prosecuted under Iraqi law.

At the same time, Human Rights Watch, whose reports are characterized by double standards, expressed its concern about “the procedures that these fighters will be subjected to”. Besides, in a clear interest in favoring terrorists, Human Rights Watch

expressed “concern” that the execution was particularly worrying, and demanded “countries that allow Iraq to receive and prosecute its citizens to press the Iraqi government to take urgent measures to improve the quality of these trials. Otherwise, they must return their nationals and try them according to internationally accepted standards.”

In a related subject; US judge in Washington, “Reggie Walton” rejected the request of an urgent review of the issue of the nationality of a female “ISIS fighter” called “Hoda Muthanna,” which wants to return to the United States after joining the organization, where the US government is refusing to take Hoda back because the latter is not an American citizen, although she was born in this country.

For his part, US Secretary of State “Mike Pompeo” said: “Hoda is a terrorist and we should not return foreign terrorists to the United States, we do not need this kind of risk, we do not need people like them to threaten the lives of Americans.”

Source: Agencies


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