Daily Archives: Wednesday March 27th, 2019

Facts and information about Syria you have not known before

Did you know that Prophet Muhammad said “O Allah! Bless our Sham (Levant) and our Yemen.” So the Levant is a blessed spot according to the man of God. Did you know that Damascus is the oldest inhabited capital in the world since 635 BC? And that it witnessed (11) different civilization!. Did you know that the first minaret in ...

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The USA are still planning to get benefit by using ISIL terrorists

Thousands of ISIL militants who had previously surrendered in the area of  BaghuzFawqani on the eastern bank of the Euphrates were transported to the Al-Tanf zone through the territory of Iraq and Jordan. They came from local tribes living in Syrian and Iraqi territory. Their families and relatives have been sent to Al-Hawl refugee camp in Al Hasakah governorate. Most ...

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