The USA are still planning to get benefit by using ISIL terrorists

Thousands of ISIL militants who had previously surrendered in the area of  BaghuzFawqani on the eastern bank of the Euphrates were transported to the Al-Tanf zone through the territory of Iraq and Jordan.

They came from local tribes living in Syrian and Iraqi territory. Their families and relatives have been sent to Al-Hawl refugee camp in Al Hasakah governorate.

Most of the militants were distributed in training camps – there are at least ten such camps in the 55-km zone occupied by the US.

Representatives of the group known as “Majmuat Abu Husam” are actively working with them there. They are from so called “Bedouin special forces” team created by American PMCs in Iraq and which later joined ISIS.

In exchange for the possibility of an amnesty and the well-being of loved ones from IS militants, they are demanding to take part in an operation aimed at establishing control over the territory of the so-called White Desert.

This is primarily about the attack on the infrastructure for the extraction and refining of oil in the areas of Dzhizel, Shaer, Magara, Twenan, as well as the Hneifes phosphate deposit.

In addition, Americans are interested in the elimination of government posts along the strategic route DeirEz-Zor – Damascus.

At present, Daesh gangs, which have penetrated here through the Al-Tanf zone, are already active in the White Desert. Over the past ten days, at least twenty Syrian troops have been killed in terrorist attacks.

Government forces conduct reconnaissance and search actions, identifying and destroying terrorist gangs with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Since the beginning of March, about 150 militants, 20 cars with machine guns and 15 motorcyclists have already been destroyed in the White Desert.

But ISIS activity is not reduced. Taking advantage of the difficult terrain, the multitude of caves and other shelters, gangs take up constantly arriving from Al-Tanf replenishment, equip weapons depots and accumulate forces for large-scale attacks.

The second direction of the Americans’ work is the subsequent seizure of these territories by the formations of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” created with the support of the State Dep.

At the end of hostilities in the area of  BaghuzFawqani, the SDF command and American instructors refused to dismiss the Kurdish and Arab fighters in their homes.

Supposedly they will have another “grand” operation against ISIS. On the outskirts of Raqqa, CIA officers secretly gathered influential sheikhs and invited them to take part in the fight against terrorists to the west of the Euphrates in exchange for future revenues from mineral deposits located there.

Tribal leaders were promised weighty positions in a “confederal democratic state” that would supposedly be created on both sides of the Euphrates under the roof of the US regional allies.

It is obvious that the Pentagon in the White Desert is fulfilling a plan that has already been tested in Eastern Syria: to force out terrorist forces by government forces, and then, with the help of the controlled Syrian Democratic Forces, to establish control over the territory of strategic importance and natural resources.

And this explains why the United States so stubbornly refuses to allow the evacuation of refugees, to liquidate the Rukban camp and to withdraw its base from Al-Tanf.

Under this cover, they are preparing the militants for a new act of aggression against the Syrian people.


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