Putting salt on the wounds

 By: Dr. al- shoaibi

The Syrians came out of the eight-year war and cannot express their fatigue despite the many tragedies of war, despite the great momentum of martyrdom and the great number of martyrs, despite the economic fatigue and the pain of poverty that has been placed in many squares throughout the country, despite the great pains that the honest Syrians shared for years of war and now they are in the waiting tents watching and waiting,as total sovereignty is still incomplete and will only be complete by liberating Idlib and the eastern Euphrates.

Our brave army currently encircles Idlibfrom all sides, thus; many opinions and questions are revolving around one issue: as long as we are capable -by God will- of moving, why are we not moving towards the liberation of Idlibto take out all the various militias that came from every edge of earth to destroy our country and to teach us our “religion” as they claim !!.

All militias, without exception, are linked to anti-Syrian agendas linked to the Israeli Mossad and the anti-Syrian security apparatuses in America, Europe, and other Arab countries.

In order not to get out of the context of my article back to the question again,the army knows, the people know, even the gangs that occupy Libya know that if the Syrian Arab Army takes the decision to liberate, the order to move to achieve this goal will come, there is no force on earth to prevent it from achieving its decision and to restore sovereignty over Idlib and expel all the invaders!So what is the inhibitor so far? Is it the fear of the large number of victims among the civilians?

This fear is justified; can we liberate the homeland and take back its sovereignty without victims and martyrs?!.

Never; thus this fear becomes unjustified. Do international circumstances have a barrier in the case? Is waiting for the implementation of the Astana talks the main reason?

We do not know, but what we know is that the wise Syrian leadership will not accept to lose a single dust of Syria and that it will return sovereignty to it.The people is waiting, and each day they put salt on their wounds while waiting for the hour of salvation, but the pain of waiting has become more difficult than the scourge of war.

Besides, the people doesn’t trust the participation of the new Ottoman enemy again, and it knows that the leadership knows all of this but it wants a new “spring” over the false “spring”, and its plight lies in the concept of “sovereignty linked with blood”, and that there is no rule without blood, sowhat are we waiting for? Salt has burned our wounds and we can’t wait any longer.

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