Daily Archives: Saturday March 30th, 2019

The Cost of the war on terror estimated at 5.9 Trillion dollars – report

By any reasonable estimate, the monetary and human costs of the U.S.-led war on terrorism has been considerable. To the political scientists at Brown University, the numbers have been astronomical. The Ivy League university’s Cost of War Project calculates that Washington will spend approximately 5.9 Trillion Dollars (i.e. 5,900 Billion dollars) between FY2001-FY2019, a pot of money that includes over ...

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Golan is brought to the forefront once again: “Netanyahu” is playing with fire?!

According to the opinion of the Raialyoum electronic newspaper, the visit of the US Senator “Graham”, accompanied by Israel’s prime minister “Netanyahu” and the US ambassador “David Friedman” to the occupied Golan, his pledge to convince “Trump” to issue a decision for recognizing the annexation of Golan to Israel, and helping the Zionist Senator “Ted Cruz” to pass a decision ...

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