Golan is brought to the forefront once again: “Netanyahu” is playing with fire?!

According to the opinion of the Raialyoum electronic newspaper, the visit of the US Senator “Graham”, accompanied by Israel’s prime minister “Netanyahu” and the US ambassador “David Friedman” to the occupied Golan, his pledge to convince “Trump” to issue a decision for recognizing the annexation of Golan to Israel, and helping the Zionist Senator “Ted Cruz” to pass a decision in the congress in the same context, is just playing with fire; as described by “Martin Indyk”, the assistant secretary of the state and the former ambassador to Tel Aviv, who tweeted on his account on Tweeter that Golan “is a Syrian territory, and those who threaten to annex it are playing with fire”.

The newspaper also asserted that such recognition will not change the fact that Golan is an occupied Syrian territory, and this recognition will be actually playing with fire. The fire will not only burn the fingers of players, but also it will cut their hands; just as the fingers of all those who tried to destroy Syria and change its Arab unifying resistant identity over seven lean years  have got burned and cut.

In the opinion of the newspaper, the indirect message sent by Faisal Al-Mikdad, the Syrian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, through General “Kristian Lund”, the Commander of International Emergency Forces, and in which he stressed that Syria will not hesitate to use forces to liberate Golan if Israeli forces do not withdraw, is the most important and clearest response.

In addition, the newspaper received confirmation from Syrian senior resources that the Syrian leadership sent few days ago reinforcements to its military base in Qunaitra, on the border of Golan, and placed its air defense forces on high alert in preparation for any Israeli aggression.

In the foreseeable future, the Golan front will be opened and Golan will be liberated; just as all occupied territories that were returned to their people and most of the Syrian territories which were outside the control of Syrian Arab army.

It seems that what Netanyahu and all Israeli politicians do not realize is that Syria emerged from the past seven-year crises stronger and more powerful, along with acquiring great combat experience and high offensive and defensive capabilities, and most importantly is that Syria belongs to the Axis of Resistance who won every battle he fought.


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