Once up a time, there was a man whose job was to make fabrics for sailing ships. He was sitting all the year working out fabrics, and then he sells them to the owners of ships.

One year, while he was going to sell the fabrics he made throughout the year, to the owners of ships, one merchant went to the owners of ships before him, selling hem his fabrics.

For sure, his shock was big for losing the capital and trade. He sat with his fabrics in front of him thinking, and he was a mockery for the owners of ships.

One of them said to him: (make pants out of them and wear them). The man thought thoroughly. Indeed, he made pants out of that fabric to the owners of ships, and sold it for little profit.

He was shouting: (who wants to buy pants made of strong fabrics that can handle the harsh nature of your job?).

People liked these pants and they bought them. The man promised them to make lots of them in the next year.

Then he modified and added extra pockets to the pants to fulfill the needs of workers, and so on. Then he goes to the owners of ships who buy the pants from him. In this way, the man could turn the crisis into s huge success.

(The moral: Crisis should not make man stop moving forward)


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