Neo-Takfirism? Are modern democracies descending into a new form of arbitrary “takfirism”?

Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State of the country that invaded and destroyed  so many other nations around the world allegedly to spread “democracy and human rights” promotes a freaking weird “religious” discourse and promotes a yet more weird arbitrary notion that is totally incompatible with the 21st century Zeitgeist.

In an address to the influential Zionist lobby known as the “AIPAC”, Pompeo boasted a “genius idea”, declaring  that “Anti-Zionism” is a form of “Anti-Semitism”!!!!

Conflating political orientation (which is a free choice of the individual human person) with racism and/or religious bigotry (which is a form of antagonism to a whole community on the basis of their identity that has not been of their choosing but rather a birth feature), he is trying to silence any criticism of any wrong-doing of an expansionist political movement seeking to conquer other nations and trying to have control over world governments.

Let us bear in mind the fact that “Anti-Semitism” is a very serious accusation in present-day Western democracies.

Anyone who is accused of  “Anti-Semitism” and/or labelled as such in the West would have his career and perhaps his entire life  totally ruined.

That is why, so many westerners fear this lethal weapon. Just as “TakfiriSalafis” damn the lives of whom they brand as “infidels”.

This kind of intimidation is no different from the mentality of “Salafi extremists” who exclude anyone for showing a different way of thinking and/or faith.

Unfortunately, the French President Macron (President of the country claiming to be the land of freedom, liberty and enlightenment) has said a similar thing.

He has equated “Anti-Zionism” with “Anti-Semitism” and is trying now to enforce such an arbitrary “taboo” on free thought.

Modern “democracies” seem to be descending into a new form of fascism.

Is this neo-Takfirism taking root in the political establishments of the West? And is this fabricated form of “Neo-Takfirism” becoming a feature of modern present-day democracies?

How would something like that take place in the 21st century?

Where are the real sane thinkers? And why do not honest opinion-makers in the “civilized” world expose this dangerous trend?


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