Daily Archives: Tuesday April 2nd, 2019

The story in brief: “Ghalioun” reveals the hidden

“Kamal Khalaf” wrote: Eight years have passed on the biggest crisis of Syria’s contemporary history. Maybe it is the most biggest and clear conspiracy known by the political history of Syria. Yes, we say it is a conspiracy, without giving ear to the fashionable elitism which mocks those talking about a conspiracy because using this description can be classified under ...

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From Baghuoz to New Zealand!

Syrian writer, ButhainaShaaban, believes that the world has become a small village and that people living in the most remote parts of the earth are able to follow what is happening everywhere. In this interconnected world, the Pentagon is planting terrorists in the Baghuozwhile the people are harvesting corpses in Venezuela. The real problem in the Baghuoz Northeast of Syria ...

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