Erdogan’s maneuvers are in the balance of the Syrian Arab Army

Amin Hotietwrote that the Turkish regime promoted joint military action with Iran in northern Syria and promoted its readiness to conduct joint patrols with Russia to achieve set of goals, first of each is to reassure Russia and Iran or to deceive them by continuing to work together with them on the Syrian issue, which guarantee Turkey the umbrella of Astana it needs.

Second, to prevent the Syrian military operation to restore Idlib, which after the recent terrorist attacks on the sites of the Syrian Arab Army and after the blatant Turkish actions, has become the only solution to restore the region, a process that its timing of creating a political and military environment suitable for its success and stability may be discussed, but none can discuss the principles of its implementation as it became urgent and absolutely necessary.

Third is to direct a practical field message to America that Turkey is continuing to serve its strategy of “prolonging the conflict” and that it will prevent the military decision in Idlib.

In addition to gaining time to create the conditions for Turkey’s success in establishing the safe zone as it wishes.With these facts, andwith the obvious Turkish objectives, the question arises: how much will Iran and Russia take up the Turkish maneuvers and to what extent will they remain silent, especially since Syria has not been fooled and will never be fooled by Turkish behavior.

President Bashar al-Assad openly and loudly expressed the truth of Turkey’s image in Syria. Syria did not trust and will never trust Turkey that was and still is the spearhead of every aggression against it.

Therefore, the writer believes that the success of Turkey in its maneuvers and the possibility of achieving the objectives of these maneuvers have low probability as there are many leaks about the firm positions of Iran and Russia which takes into account the strict Syrian position in this regard.


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