Daily Archives: Sunday April 7th, 2019

American magazine reveals the coordination between the regime of Erdogan and Daesh terrorist organization

Day after day, there is evidence of coordination between the Erdogan regime and the terrorist organizations in Syria, especially “ISIS”. “Homeland Security Today” magazine revealed the coordination between the two sides, indicating that meetings between leaders of ISIS (Daesh) terrorist organization and intelligence and army of the Turkish regime were taking place near the borders with Syria. The magazine pointed ...

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The invention of a “time machine” in experiment that defies the laws of physics

Scientists have built the world’s first time machine (sort of), by “working” with electrons in the bizarre realm of quantum mechanics. The “balls” scattered and, according to the laws of physics, should have appeared to split in a haphazard way. But researchers managed to make them reform in their original order – looking as if they were turning back time. ...

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