Tolerance and forgiveness Islam is not reflected by culture of the West ?!

The Sunday Telegraph published an article in which it expressed confidence that fascism will never prevail. In its editorial ;The Sunday Telegraph said that the attack on the two mosques of Christ Church was a reminder of the “perpetual fascist demon.”

The newspaper reviewed what was reportedly between the old Muslim refugee from Afghanistan, “DaoudNabi” who welcomed the killer at the door of the mosque, saying “Hello brother,” then when the aggressor opened fire it was right in the body of the  (71) years old man .

This is Islam, which may very rarely be reflected in popular culture (in the West), Islam is about generosity, hospitality, kindness, charity, solidarity, forgiveness and mercy.

The newspaper said. It also says that Amazon did not respond to criticism of its “profits” from the publication of radical right books.

The paper reveals that the giant company is profiting from the sale of books by “assassins murderers” from the far right.

It says the company still sells publications written by right-wing extremist leaders from America such as Dylan Rove, and from Europe like André Brevik.

The newspaper quoted politicians and activists in campaigns against the extreme right that call on Amazon to remove the book  of”Brevik” from the list of its sales.

In an article in The Sunday Times, Louise Casey and Mark Rowley considered the attack on the mosques in New Zealand a warning bell for the West.

In their article, entitled “Our efforts to stop extremism are undermined at every turn,” the authors said: “The Christchurch attack must be a warning to everyone around the Western world”.

It is worth mentioning that Louise was the former British government adviser of the merging file, and Mark was the former chief of counterterrorism in the British police.

The article demands more rigors in dealing with content that is disseminated to social media. It concludes that the issues of integration, extremism and terrorism should not be seen as isolated issues.


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