Daily Archives: Wednesday April 10th, 2019

America Is Preparing a New Stage for its Aggression on China

The behavior of successive US administrations, especially the current administration of Trump,is controversial and makes the world live strange incidents that lead in many cases into the unknown. These US policies are often preluded throughtheir media empire which they rely on when promoting for their policies and reckless actions. This is obvious in the current time through the American centrality ...

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European Laser System Produces Tenth of the Entire Power of the Sun

Recent tests of the European Laser System at the Romanian Nuclear Physics Institute demonstrated 10PW (ten millions of billions of Watts) performance of ELI-NP’s High Power Laser System that equals tenth of the entire Sun’s Power. The capabilities of this system werereleased by the project management during the official ceremony that was held on Mach 13th in the outskirt of ...

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