European Laser System Produces Tenth of the Entire Power of the Sun

Recent tests of the European Laser System at the Romanian Nuclear Physics Institute demonstrated 10PW (ten millions of billions of Watts) performance of ELI-NP’s High Power Laser System that equals tenth of the entire Sun’s Power.

The capabilities of this system werereleased by the project management during the official ceremony that was held on Mach 13th in the outskirt of the Romanian capital, where the system was established.”I can tell you that the laser system (ELI-NP) has reached more power than we have dreamed of – 10.88 petawatts, or ten millions of billions of Watts; a tenth of the entire Sun’s power on Earth concentrated in a ray of light; a great scientific achievement that is a world first”, Mr. Nicolae Zamfir, the project manager told the Romanian Agerpres.

Zamfir also pointed to the great benefits of using this technology in the treatment of cancer, MRI and the production of radioisotopes for medical diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, not tomention the replacement of expensive technology in the field of energy.

The process of assembling the laser system in the outskirts of Bucharest began in September 2016 to reach its final stage at the present time.The ELI-NP system is a huge European project worth Euro 356.2 Million, of which Euro 311 Million were provided by various European financial institutions.

Source: TAS


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