The ant and the killing drop of honey

A drop of honey fell on the ground, as a small ant was passing by, it tasted the honey, then tried to go. But it seems that it liked the taste of honey, so it came back to have another sip.

Then it tried to go, but it appears it has not get enough of the honey, and that it is not satisfied with just sipping the honey on the edge of the drop, so it decided to go inside the honey to have more and more pleasure. So the ant went inside the drop of honey and enjoyed it.

But it was unable to go out of the drop, it has cuffed its hands and legs, stuck to the ground unable to move. It stayed like this until it died, so the drop of honey was the reason behind its death, and that it was not convinced of the sips it took (was the reason for its bitter end).

If it only was satisfied with few honey, it shall be survived. This is life, the world is merely a big drop of honey and we sip of it. So those who are contented with few honey, they will survive. But those who are drowned in the sea of its honey, they will be destroyed.


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