Decision of recognition and narrow calculations?!

Although the military situation in the Golan has not changed, according to Independent Arabia, but it is certain that Trump decision will fundamentally change the political context in Syria and will have many consequences not only for the peace process, but  also will extend to the overall security situation and stability in it.

These consequences will inevitably be more serious than the narrow calculations of “Trump” decisions that are related to the “Israeli” elections, to be played by “Netanyahu” next month, or to the American presidential 2020.

Writer Huda Raouf  ,from “Independent Arabia”, sees that the first repercussions of “Trump’s” recognition of the sovereignty of the Zionist entity on the occupied Golan will be the return of the conflict with “Israel” to the interface of interactions in the region, as since 2011, and the past events, the Palestinian-“Israeli” conflict, and the Palestinian issue in general ,has no longer been the central focus to most of the Arab countries, which pushed “Netanyahu”

to boast that “Israel” is the oasis of stability in the region and that the conflict with Palestine is not a cause of regional unrest.

Here where Trump’s decision to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognize the entity sovereignty over the Golan helped to put back the relationship with Israel at the point of concern, beside his engorgement to terrorist organizations such as “Daesh” and “Al-Qaeda” to perform violence acts in the region under the claim of helping “the Arabic case” and ” fighting Israel”, while the truth is that such organizations were created to dismantle Arab states into smaller entities.

The writer also stresses that this decision would affect the peace process. When Israel sought peace with the Arab countries, it developed the principle of land for peace.

Syria has always insisted on not agreeing to a peace agreement with Israel unless it withdraws from all the Golan Heights, but this American step has killed any chance for possible peace between “Israel” and Syria.Finally, the writer sees the US president’s move on the Golan as a clear contradiction of his strategy in the region, especially the one related to Iran, like the re-imposition of sanctions.

but the American recognition has political implications that could undermine any efforts to pressure Iran which always on the side of Arab causes and strengthen its alliances with the resistance organizations in the region to fight “Israel”.


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