Mother and mother nation…

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

Can we separate between mother and mother nation? What is the relationship between them?

People rush to celebrate Mother’s day with some cliché words, cakes, and worthless gifts that don’t match a part of what mothers around the world, especially the Arab mum, give.

In Arabic, the word “nation” which is (ommah) is derived from the word “mother”(al-om) ,and we sometimes refer to the Arab nation by ” mother of Arabs” , and the term “dutifulness to mother” is also used to express “dutifulness to mother nation”.

However, just like man can’t live without food, he neither can live without being dutiful to his mother.

And as long as the word mother nation is derived from the word nation, one also can’t live without being dutiful to his homeland, thus we must give whatever we can to our nation with all sincerity, or else we would be cursed and lost, we must always keep in mind that united we stand, divided we fall, and that we must treat our mother nation like our mothers as it deserve all the love and the sacrifice.

So, I call today all Arabs to be devoted to their nation just like they are devoted to their mothers. These days; our nation doesn’t feel so well, and the state of “one is for all, all is for one” no longer applies on our reality, actually, our nation is now weaker than ever, even weaker than the times of Seljuk and Ottoman.

And with all these inside and outside enemies, whenever our nation tries to take breath, it just can’t. Although “cowboys” are having alliances with “camel boys”, they don’t really care about the “boys” or their “camels”, they only deal with them just to destroy the mother nation and the mother.

These days, we can’t deny that we lost the family’s warmth in our society, and one ember of Mother’s day can’t start up the fire, but such an occasion can be used to shed some light on the reality of our mother nation. May God bless all mothers, and May God bless mother nation in every second of these hard times…

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