French Expert: Russia Disappointed the Speculations and Achieved Victory in Syria

The French political expert “Roman Lombardi” in Kapitalis newspaper considered that Russia achieved victory in Syria thanks to adoptinga clear deliberate strategy through its successful tactic and developed weapon.

He pointed out that many have expected that Russia was going to repeat in Syria the destiny of the Sovietarmy campaign over Afghanistan, but all these fears and doubts have soon dispelled, especially after the use of the Russian army developed military weapons and equipment in Syria.

He said: “the Russian strategists were always learning from their previous mistakes”. He added that Moscow showed its skills in fighting wars in the right way, as well as itsability to achieve victory and eventually expand its influence.

In addition to testing lots of military equipment and powerful weapons in Syria, Russia used, as Lombardi asserted, specific, clear and smart strategy during the conflict in Syria.

It did not engage in fighting on the ground and the land clashes rather it left this mission to the Syrian army and its allied forces while the progress on the ground was coveredby the Russian air forces.

“However, Russia’s success in Syria goes back eventually to adopting a strategy that combines between tactic, innovative and advanced military equipment and its effective diplomacy at the international, regional and local levels.

He questioned “how would the Russian success continue in Syria’s reconstruction process and the economic development for middle east region as a whole?

He concluded: “days will tell whether Russia would be able to finally achieve success in the fieldfrom which the west is still suffering a total defeat”.

Source: Novosti


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