The lie of “selling al-Golan”, what a foolish argument!

“The sale of al-Golan is worth to be discussed  publicly at least once, so it become clear where and how it should be classified, where it came from, how it was used and why it is being revived from time to time,” said Faisal Jalloul.

The writer stresses that it is included in the framework of the rumor, one of the most important propaganda techniques used in wars or political conflicts. In the Syrian case, this rumor is used to challenge the credibility of Syria, to demonize the leadership in Damascus and to question all its policies and positions.

The writer confirms that this rumor began after the 1967 war, which ended with the fall of the Golan Heights, Sinai and the West Bank in the hands of the Zionists in a war that lasted 6 days.

Similar rumors spread in Egypt and Jordan to explain the defeat, although this rumor will come out of circulation in Jordan and Egypt after the signing of peace agreements with “Israel” but will remain around in Syria because of its refusal to submit to the will of Israel and the dictates of America and the West.

This refusal, which has cost Syria and still costing it a heavy price, is called “reluctance” by the subordinates, dissidents, defectors and the defeated before returning to the rumor of “selling the Golan.”The writer states that it was Israel who launched rumors of selling and buying in the conflict with the Arabs.

Israel said that it bought the land of the Palestinians who sold it and became the property of Zionism, and that it won the Six-Day War not due to the balance of power that tends in favor of it and not due to the absolute support from the West on every level, but because of “selling and buying”, so that it can convey a message to the Arab publics that says “Your rulers have sold us your land” and therefore you must take your trust away from them.

They want to rule over you and stay in power and not fight your enemy.”The launching of such deadly rumors at the moment of a resounding defeat like the defeat of June 1967 gives the same defeat deep dimensions, entrenching it, and making it absolute and irreversible in any future war.

The “calm” that has persisted on the Golan front for 40 years has come from Arab countries concerned with the war on Israel, but has not fired a single shot at the entity since its inception.

Rather, it uses Israel’s propaganda weapons to defeat the resistance public opinion and to question the viability of its sacrifices in the conflict with the Zionist entity.

Finally, the writer sees that Syria could have sold the remaining 10 meters that Tel Aviv refused to return in negotiations with Syria in 1999 over the Golan, so why it refused to do so?

This question can be addressed to the adversaries who help their enemy to win over their people, whether intentionally or not, even if we know that this question wouldn’t change a thing in their subordinate awkward conscious, as what is said about the” selling” is a virtue and not an argument, and insults are not discussed, but are taken to their natural location in the trash of history.

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