American Help for Al-Hawl

Earlier rights advocates and citizens of the Al-Hasakah Governorate already mentioned the catastrophic situation in the refugee camp al-Hawl that is situated in the territory under the Syrian Democratic Forces control. On April, 10 this information was confirmed by the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria.

Every day 10-20 people die in the camp because of the food, water and medicine shortage and tough living conditions. Inthelatest 2 months 235 childrendied.

There are at least 50 thousand civilians, mostly women and children. One should remember that the camp can receive up to 25 thousand people.

The situation becomes especially cynical if one knows the difference between the Rukban camp and the Al-Hawl camp. In the Al-Hawl the Americans organized so-called “humanitarian assistance” events. The trucks allegedly loaded with food under the US military control crossed the Iraqi-Syrian border and headed to the Al-Hawl camp.

Though, as it is known, the refugees have not got anything.

In fact, the American trucks are transporting ammunition and armor for the Kurdish troops. Humanitarian aid is a way to hide the supplies from the NATO partner – Turkey.

Since March, 1 the Pentagon has deployed from Iraq to the Al-Hasakah Governorate at least 6 convoys and delivered 104 Humvees, pickups, 146 automobiles equipped with rifle armament, mortars and ammunition, at least 30 launch platforms for anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles.

Just a small part of these was left on the American military objects, such as Serrin al Qibliyah and KharabAshek in the Manbij district. 75% of the craft-load was passed to the SDF troops near the Al-Hawl camp. Thenitwasfoundnear the towns of  TellAbyadandRas al-Ayn on the Syro-Turkish border. That is where the main strikes of the Turkish troops are waited for if the attack on the Kurdish positions starts.

The American generals want to keep getting benefit from the oil trafficking away from Eastern Syria with the help of their Kurdish allies. And it can be easily understood. It is not clear why they cannot provide children in the Al-Hawl with all they need, the children that lost their homes because of the American aviation bombardments. Most refugees in the camp come from the territories that were liberated by the US coalition where all the social infrastructure was destroyed.


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